I will make you believe you are lovely
I will make you believe you are lovely stories
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kiaphammusic makes me cry but writing mends me
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I will make you believe you are lovely

by kiapham

These words burning in my ears I'm living in my fears Parents shouting Sister pouting

She hides a knife in her bedroom She says she's going to be gone soon I don't know if she's lying For she's laughing when I'm crying

She told me in the past That this breath was her last But in the end she never did it For she's mad whenever I don't believe it

My dad who messed up He goes to a new room for a buck He no longer lives in my room But he said he would always love me too

My mom who's screaming When my sister threats to be leaving We are tired of her crying But we are still concerned even if she's lying

She wants to be dependent She says she hates our parents She sits in bed whining She sits in bed slowly dying

Trying to talk to her There is no cure She won't speak Nothing will leak

We don't know why she's acting like this I feel like throwing her a fist For making my parents more stressed This family is a mess

I'm hella sorry if this was depressing to you but lemme just say: I'm perfectly fine. And I'm not lying. I have a mom who loves me. And even if I don't live with my dad, he still loves me too

This is why I love writing. I can put all my problems on a blank paper, fold the paper into an airplane, and fly it all away.

And please, don't EVER joke about dying.

You shouldn't tell your friends or family that you want to die, and make it seem like you 100% mean it. Cuz if you don't, your family and friends are going to go through hell to make sure ur ok

And if you do mean it, just know:

"The only difference between life and dying Is one is TRYING, that's all we're going to do So try to love me and I'll try to SAVE you.

Won't you stay ALIVE I'll take you on a ride I will make you believe you are LOVELY"

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