Friends vs Ships
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kiaphammusic makes me cry but writing mends me
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Friends vs Ships

by kiapham

Why would you lie to me? Why would you tell me things he actually never said?

No wonder he has no idea why I hate him. It's cause he didn't do anything. It's all just a lie you told me.

It's too late and I'm already over it but of course I miss the friendship. I care more about the friendship than the relationship.

I thought you would think the same and know that friends always stick together no matter what. Not even a stupid boy could break us apart... At least that's what I hoped.

This is what you wanted. Well you're welcome cause you just lost a friend.

And the thought that you did this to another friend makes me sick.

What makes me even more sick is that he doesn't even know the whole story. He just thinks I'm the monster. And I always thought he was the monster until now.

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