Bro ken Memories
Bro ken Memories stories

kiaphammusic makes me cry but writing mends me
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Bro ken Memories

by kiapham

Walking along the rocky path I feel the leaves facing the wind's wrath My hair whipped across my face I throw back my head to feel the taste

The fresh air Reminds me of moments I can't bear Tears brimmed my eyes As I remember you last cries

Fallen leaves, broken sound It feels like a knife in a wound I look up to see A family as happy as can be

The last moments with you My eyes shimmering blue Like broken glass When you said our love won't last

You were someone I will always love But what you did was undreamed of Forgiveness will never come And I realize that I was always dumb

I never saw it I was too in love to bought it Being with you made me fought it But it was plain logic You and me would never cross it

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