get up.

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kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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whatever you do, always get up.

get up.

the path of life

is not a cushion

nor equal terrain

it is rugged

hard cement blocks

slippery when wet

and scorching when flamed

you'll have good days

where rain hasn't fallen

and fires haven't started

but you'll have others

where it pours and it storms

and wildfires come alive

it aims to break you

but you must become stronger

your knees will bruise

your skin will cut

your bones will crack

and your mind will flood

you will fall

and fall

and fall again

but every time you get up

you won't bruise as much

your wounds will heal faster

your bones will be denser

your mind will be braver

so keep getting up

keep fighting for breath

because staying down

will bruise your heart

cut your soul

tear you apart

and make you forget

how to feel whole

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