The First Time
The First Time love stories

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A very short story about a girl who's in love with her best friend.

The First Time

My elbow kept skimming across the sleeve of his grey sweatshirt. I don't think he noticed much. His facial expression was very relaxed, yet a little pensive.

I could tell by the wrinkle in between his eyebrows.

My fingers were sweating, despite the 46 degree weather we were currently walking in. We continued to walk towards the end of the pier, side by side.

I adjusted my beanie and let out a shaky breath.

"You ok?"

My head snapped up to meet my best friends brown eyes gazing down at me. His eyes had a dull and longing look to them. God, I loved it.

"Yeah" I breathed out.

He smiled and looked forward.

He needed to know.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. My heart began to hammer against my ribcage. Then, my arm acted on its own accord somehow.

Or maybe I had unknowingly built up enough courage causing a spark in my limbs. Who knows.

My fingers quickly intertwined with his.

His hand automatically wrapped around mine, giving it a sweet, light squeeze.

My eyes widend slightly as I looked up at him with red cheeks. He stopped walking and gazed down at me.

"It's about time baby" He grinned.

Those four words set my soul on fire. It was like someone let a swarm of butterflies loose in my stomach.

My heart was pounding so hard I could barely hear my breathing over the waves crashing against the pier. Am I still breathing? I think so.

Is this another one of my dreams? Will I wake up any second now, laying in my bed flushed, frustrated, and alone?

I don't think so.

No. Not this time.

He bent down and grabbed my face. His warm hands instantly warmed my entire body down to the tips of my toes. His cold nose skimmed the tip of mine.

I held my breath.

Then, his soft lips touched mine, melting me away.

Tears brimmed my eyes. Tears of relief. Tears of acceptance.

When he pulled away from me I stared into those brown eyes of his, but this time, they weren't dull.

They were alive.

I looked around and realized we were at the end of the pier. The sun was setting, the birds were singing, and I smiled a genuine smile for the first time in a very long time.


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