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I'm back.

Red, dry leaves scattered all over the place, its autumn and Karl has to rush or it would be late for him. His flight would leave him in a couple of hours.

It has already been a decade since he met her. The nostalgic smell filled him and along with it the memories. Hard feelings aside, he put up a smile and went inside the gate.

He passed some stones and finally reached his destination. "Hey sis, how are you doing?" Infront of him lied her gravestone.

Orphans they were when they lost their parents in an accident. Life was hard but they were there for each other. She had started to work to earn bread.

While he grasped everything that was taught to him. They had become accustomed to this harsh life. Karl never slacked off, and his hard work payed off.

He got his scholarship in the most prestigious college of the country. Karl was overjoyed, and waited to tell her about it. However, she wouldn't ever return now.

He would get the information on the morning news. Perplexed at her funeral, he hardened himself for the future, crying his eyes out for the last time.

He truly became an orphan and was completely left alone. He took off to where life would take him.

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