First Date
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This would be the the second part of Mally x Cory.

First Date

"What. The. F-" "Language," Mally said mildly. "But... what the he-" "Language," she repeated, poking Cory's arm from across the cafe table. He shot her a look. She shot one back. He gave up.

"It's just... Mally," Cory complained, pointing at the menu, "what is this stuff?" "A menu," she said patiently, gazing down at her own and finding something she liked. Or at least something she thought she liked. French wasn't her forte as it was a year ago. "I know it's a menu," Cory sighed, watching Mally from his seat. God, she was beautiful.

"Then what's the problem?" She was also very strange, Cory reflected, though that could be females in general. "I have no clue what any of this stuff means!" "I can translate," Mally offered, putting her menu down and leaning across the table. "You'll have to get closer though. I can't see."

Cory suddenly liked the idea of not being able to read anything in French, though it wasn't much of an idea when it was reality. "Here, scoot in with me." Mally settled herself beside him as he cheered inwardly at their close proximity. Perhaps it was strange to be thinking that way on their first date, but this was the girl he'd liked for years. He deserved a break.

"So what do you need help with?" Mally asked, looking up at Cory. Even when sitting down, she was shorter than he was. Fascinating. "Cory?" "Oh yeah, sorry," he said, blinking away his thoughts. "Er... I can't read any of this stuff actually."

Mally sighed, laughter audible within that small breath. "How about I order something I think you'll like?" Cory frowned. "Do you know what I like?" "Sweet things that are slightly tart. Tarts in general. Food in general. Drinks in general." Mally raised her eyebrows. "Am I wrong?"

Since Cory couldn't find any fault in that, he shrugged and watched Mally scour the menu to order something for him. He liked that. He'd eat (or drink, whatever) something that Mally picked out for him. It was becoming domestic already. Gross, Cory thought to himself, but he smiled like a fool all the same.

Cory waved for a waitress as Mally organized the menus, still on Cory's side of the table. A middle-aged woman appeared next to them, smiling genuinely. "May I help you?" "We'd like to order," Mally answered in French. Or at least Cory thought that was what she said. He didn't know French.

The ensuing conversation sounded complex and intriguing. He heard something that sounded like 'Jet mouse remember sea' and assumed they were making casual conversation. (Jet mouse remember sea = Je vous remercie) Minutes later, a plate of croissants and two milkshakes arrived.

"I hope you don't mind," Mally began shyly, "but we're sharing the croissants." "Of course," Cory agreed, taking one and bringing it up to her mouth. She said they were sharing the croissants. Might as well share every croissant. Red and flustered, Mally took a bite of the croissant and fed Cory one too.

"So," Cory said in between mouthfuls, "years, huh?" "Shut up." "It was mutual for years," he groaned, leaning back in his chair and thinking that if he'd just had the guts to confess or ask her out they could've been doing this years ago. "Well, yeah."

"We could have been doing this for years," Cory emphasized. "We have been doing this for years," Mally pointed out, taking a slurp from her milkshake. "This is our normal behavior." Cory stopped to think about it. "But... we could've been doing it for years as a couple."

"We're a couple?" He wasn't sure how to answer that. He wanted to be with Mally. He thought she wanted to be with him. She sounded pleased about it too. And he didn't have any dramatic life-changing events going on, so their relationship would probably be safe from harm. "Do you want to be?"

"Of course," she said so easily that it made him feel giddy all over again. "So you're my girlfriend," he said, wanting to clarify everything before he moved on to their first kiss. "And you're my boyfriend," Mally teased, finishing her milkshake. "What're you going to do about it?"

Kiss the hell out of you, for starters, he wanted to say. But instead, Cory settled for, "I really want to have our first kiss." "Great," Mally said, wiping her hands on a napkin. "Let's do it." "Just like that?" "Just like that," she confirmed.

Cory leaned in and made sure he wasn't going to let out gas or suddenly knock teeth together or whatever before attaching his lips gently to hers. They were both quite inexperienced in this field, though Mally, he knew, read fanfictions and liked to boast about tongue and French kisses and using 36 muscles or something.

They remained there awkwardly for another moment before Mally tentatively licked his lips and opened her mouth for his tongue to explore. Let's just say it was a pretty inappropriate kiss, with mothers gasping and hiding their kids' eyes while approving the couple's scene. They parted and finished their croissants nonchalantly.

"Hi!" the waitress from earlier exclaimed, teleporting to their table. "Is everything going okay?" "Everything's great," Cory answered happily. "Fantastic, actually." Her knowing smile was lit up like holiday lights. "That's great." Mally nodded, leaning against Cory slightly. "It is. It really is."


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