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A short story about two characters I randomly created realizing they like each other.



"No." "Why not?" Mally asked, holding up a light green dress that contrasted vividly with her white shirt. "It's pretty enough." "Maybe for you," Cory said drily, "but not me. I'm a boy." Mally blinked. "So? Crossdresss."

"For god's sake, girl," Cory said exasperatedly, "do you even understand what society will think of me?" "It's not society you're worried about," Mally snorted, setting the dress back on a hanger in her closet and placing her hands on her hips. "It's that girl you're going on a date with."

"Well... That... That doesn't matter!" Cory protested, gesturing vaguely to the multitude of dresses, skirts, and ultimately casual shirts Mally had pulled out from her closet. "I wanted your advice. From my closet, not yours." "You don't have a closet," Mally pointed out. Cory threw his hands up. "Exactly!"

"So let me get this straight," Mally sighed, taking in the features of Cory's face that she'd admired for so many years. "You want help dressing from a nonexistent closet." "I want help dressing from a closet that you'd help me create," Cory corrected.

Mally felt an indescribable pleasure at the thought of helping to create such a personal thing with Cory, her long-time crush - and BFF. "Sure. Let's go shopping." "No time now!" Cory clasped her hands tightly in his. "Mally, the date's in an hour." "That's plenty of time-"

"No, it's not!" Cory winced for a moment. "How about this... Mally, will you go on a date with me that'll happen in one hour?" "You want me to be your fake girlfriend or something?" Mally asked, hiding the secret feeling of being special and fluttery inside her. "Because I'm not-" "No, I want you to actually go on a date with me."

"You absolute idiot!" Mally yelled, pulling her hands away and diving for the dress section in her now-unorganized closet. "I have one hour to get ready??" "You're... you want to go?" Cory asked, evidently startled. "You sure?" "Of course I'm sure," she said without thinking. Then, "Wait. Do you want to go?"

"I mean..." Cory fidgeted. "I've wanted to go with you for years." "Years?" Mally felt like the ground was rolling under her. "Years?" "Yeah," Cory admitted quietly, his eyes on hers. "Years. I've liked you for a long time now, Mally."

"Well," Mally said, feeling tipsy on giddiness. "Well then. Let me get changed and we can talk all about our feelings for each other that went on for years." Cory blinked in surprise at the admission before grinning at her and winking. Mally rolled her eyes. What an absolute dork.


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