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GenderQueer Pansexual

About me

Hi im Kayden and i'm older then u think id be and i spent most of those years asking myself what i was and what my sexuality was

i first thought i was straight then i thought i was lesbian because i started thinking they were fucking hot and how boys only are fuck boys

oh i was also born as a girl and i never thought to be a boy ever until well i was a lesbian because i was always top and i was so good at it

i thought that then this amazing dude came into my life sadly he moved away and i never got to tell him

after i met that guy who moved away i thought i was bisexual and so i was a bisexual girl for maybe 4 months

then a non-binary person came into my life they were my heaven and hell the light to my depression but they didn't feel the same way

I now today know i'm pansexual and i love people not for the gender but for who they are i am both genders so every human can still love me either lesbian or gay i love all humans and i don't think i wanna change so i'm a pansexual, GenderQueer

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