Why I Don't Think Tech Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code
Why I Don't Think Tech Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code stories

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I'm Okiemute, a Self-taught coder, Web Artisan and Business person.

Why I Don't Think Tech Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code

by Okiemute Omuta

I'm a "tech" kind of guy: I've been coding since 2003

I have run small businesses, and have had a passion for business for as long as I have been coding

There's something more important, worth learning than coding

This is a trait that is common with good programmers. It is this trait that makes them good programmers in the first place, and not the opposite.

Because they posses this trait,

they are able to become good programmers. But the trait was neither developed from years of writing code, nor from knowing "how to code".

That means tech entrepreneurs will not develop this trait from learning to code, and that is just my own opinion on the subject matter.

Good programmers are problem solvers.

I'm passionate about solving problems. That is why I love to code because I can extend my problem solving abilities through the use of computers.

More importantly, entrepreneurs can develop problem solving

than learning to code. Learning to code is like learning to speak a new language. But if you have nothing to "say", the language is usless

It is fine if you can put words together in another language

But you can never compose beautiful poems in that language if you do not first know how to compose beautiful poems.

Learning to code will not help you

develop good problem solving skills.

Do not waste your time writing a few lines of PHP

Invest that time to develop your problem solving abilities

You will be a much better entrepreneur

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