Salvation at Sunset
Salvation at Sunset  stories

khajaThe Last Window
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Salvation at Sunset

by khaja

Neither had he come to conquer nor to make his mark.

He had come to wipe off the marks he had made in his last visit. He rubbed the mirror incessantly. He cleaned it and what he saw of himself was far different from what he once was.

He saw an old, withdrawn image of himself,

which reflected that at last he was at peace with himself.

Peace came, though late, as he now realizes,

comes after many winters and in his case it came at a time when no sense of loss bewildered him any longer. He forgave those who had hurt him and apologized to all but one for having wronged them

The one who would never come and he would wait till eternity

for that moment of forgiveness. He opened the last window and saw that the sun had already set. Leaving his specs on the window sill, he closed his eyes

and feeling the cool breeze strike his face, he said...

‘Do not despair, as I am coming there soon and you won’t be alone then.'

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