Condolence to a mystery !
Condolence to a mystery ! stories

khajaThe Last Window
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Condolence to a mystery.

Condolence to a mystery !

by khaja

Few men are real yet enigmatic.

Independent and alone; Indistinguishable in crowds. He was one such man. ... His life divided into two parts. Or rather cut sharply into two Not knowing when the split occurred.

One part becoming the opposite of the other.

Yet both in one man. The first part rare in humility and the second rarer in mystery. He came to this part of the world Not to return back to his roots.

Some say he was disappointed with somebody

But he kept this fact to few unknown and to himself. Held silently a grudge against himself. Quiet as a hill, not moved even by dying relationships.

Why was he angry I do not know But he was I know this much.

His simmering anger made him unapproachable. People feared talking to him though was always civil. He changed addresses randomly to escape people, Somehow he never escaped his fate.

He must’ve vowed never to return home.

A prayer which was always going on somewhere in his heart. And for two decades he didn’t. But eventually destiny takes one to the place Which one does not want to visit.

It was time for him to leave this part of the world.

The escape was at last not inevitable. It was time for him to revisit his roots. There was great turmoil within his heart It broke him beyond his fathoming.

And he passed away with the agony within.

Somehow his prayer had been answered. And the enigma laid to rest.

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