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kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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People can delude you only when you let them.

When you open your heart to them and you let yourself be vulnerable, that’s when you let them delude you.


And when I saw you with her...

It was then that I knew That I had lost you.

Or maybe you had lost me,

Because I’d have loved you forever. I always have.

When I saw you smiling at her and avoiding my eyes,

It was at that moment that I knew... I had lost us.

Your smile used to be only mine and you’d never stop staring at me.

It was like I was your goddess and you my guardian angel.

But then I lost you, and I realized that what we had, that had only been a delusion. Or a dream. Or something undefined that only I used to call love.

Because I was the only stupid one between us two to give up on everybody else Just to be with you.

But you had her.

And when things got hard, you didn’t even fight for me. You just let go and it was easy for you to leave.

Because you had her. But I only had you.

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