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A letter to you at your most beautiful, at your most upset. A letter to you at your happiest, at your angriest.
At your everything.

‘Because it is through words that we define love, [...] but it is only by loving that we can truly show love.’

Dear You,

Dear you, Do what you love.

Because when you do, There is no greater joy to me than that rapid sparkle of happiness flickering in your eyes.

Dear you, Don’t lose yourself to the standards of society. That’s not who you are. Nor who you ever want to be.

Your soul — my heart belongs to your soul. To your kind and caring soul. To your loving soul.

My heart belongs to your soul At your most beautiful, at your most upset. At your happiest and at your angriest. It belongs to your soul at your everything.

Dear beautiful you, Dear happy you, Your smile is like a perfect dream. Sweet like cherries. As dazzling as the burning summer sun.

And your eyes. Oh my, your eyes. Capable of making me feel emotions at their deepest, Like I’ve never felt them before.

But your heart is what I love the most about you. How you’re shy about the things you love, yet how passionately you commit yourself to them. How you’re always there for me, even when I don’t deserve you.

Dear you, You’re beautiful. Your contagious happiness — that’s beautiful.

Dear angry you, Dear upset you, Don’t be. Just understand that what makes flowers so fascinating is that they need - and take - their own time to bloom. And so do you.

I like how you manage to stand up again And taste a bit like rain, a bit like spring, After a thunderstorm made of tears and of ‘I’m not good enough’s.

Crying eyes pouring rain, words spoken at yourself with rage. ‘Don’t ever treat yourself like that again,’ that’s what I try to say, While I kiss you sweetly and trap you in my firmest embrace.

But those words won’t come out of my mouth. I speak them through these little actions that are so typically me.

Because it is through words that we define love, But you already know what love is, to me. You are. You are my love.

But it is only by loving that we can truly show love. And I love you.

Dear you, Just be you. That’s what makes you so special.

You are your most precious treasure.

You are someone you don’t ever, ever want to lose.

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