'Cemetery Scene' by Kieran Paul Farley
'Cemetery Scene'
by Kieran Paul Farley spoken word stories

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A short poem written by Kieran Paul Farley, explaining how similar a simple cemetery and his life really are.

'Cemetery Scene' by Kieran Paul Farley

My life is a cemetery scene,

painted from the ground, up.

Thin blades of dying plant

to each thin brittle branch

of the long standing tree.

Colour and emotion are scarce

and the sky shines dead.

As the wind ravages the dainty roses

which makes them appear fierce.

Each hill obscures thought

and presents new horizons.

The crocked stems of each flower

would make anyone's fear heighten.

The sun it exists,

though not quite as proud.

It's warmth and protection,

castrated by the clouds.

My life is a cemetery scene,

My clarity it fades.

There's no more room for a chapter

to an end, comes the page.

Though one more emotion,

resides in my mind's pool.

Hope is the word,

and I hope it comes soon

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