The Beings of the Lonely and Forgotten
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Dedicated to the beings which exist within the Lonely and Forgotten.

The Beings of the Lonely and Forgotten

In every universe there are beings which live amongst us, hidden from view, that can only be observed by stepping into the Lonely and Forgotten.

These beings sit by quietly observing, learning, and ever waiting, because they know someone will be along to visit them soon.

In fact... I'm sure you have met one of these beings at some point in your lifetime.

They would have appeared in those time which you felt most alone, for, you see, it is the task of these beings to guide us during these difficult times of our Lifes lessons.

Sometimes they do this by offering advice, encouragement, to listen, or to simply remind you that you are not alone.

Just as quickly and mysteriously as these beings appeared... they're gone; though, you don't even notice, as you're left focusing on the message that was given to you.

As time passes even the memory starts to fade like a dream. You will have even forgotten that you never got a chance to thank them...

... or maybe you had...

... what were we talking about again?

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