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Nothing can last forever if it never starts. Right?

Dan is an 'in the closet gay' and so is Phil.

Neither one knows about the other, because they both have girlfriends.

What happens when they both come out to each other, but Phil gets a boyfriend.

Phil is dating this man to cover up for the fact that he likes Dan, not knowing Dan likes him too.

Tag... You're Gay

Dan's POV

I'm Dan. Oh wait you knew that. Shit 1st sentence and I've already screwed it up. Damnit! Jesus Christ can I even curse on here?

We'll since I already messed this one up lets start with something easy:

My sexuality.

Let me tell you, on the inside, I'm about as straight as an infinity sign. But I can't let everyone from my high school know that I couldn't be more gay.

So on the outside, I am a homophobic dick to everyone that is openly gay.

Especially Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley.

They are the most gay people I've ever seen. And it's not like I smack them around, but I also don't stick up to the people that do.

I'm a popular-ish kid. I don't hook up with everyone that I see like the football players, but I do have a girlfriend. Her name is Kelly Bruner.

She has waist long, blonde hair and blue eyes to go with it. She was a very pretty girl but I don't actually like her.

She doesn't know I'm using her either, which makes me feel bad, but I can't tell her that or break up with her. We are currently making out at my locker, It's not the most pleasant thing, but...

you know.

That's when the rumours start.

Phil's POV

I'm Phil. I think I'm gay but no one knows that. I have a girlfriend. She is everything, but I don't think I like her anymore.

She has dark brown hair that goes to her shoulders, hazel eyes that seem to change color with her moods, and a small body.

I tower over her as we are walking down the hallway of our high school, holding hands.

We pass Dan Howell's locker. He is one of the most popular people in all of Ramsey High.

He is getting his face sucked off by Kelly Bruner.

My girlfriend's name is Talia Russell. Talia sees me looking at them and protectively grabs my hand, as if if saying 'you are mine'

But really I was starting at Dan. He looked uncomfortable, standing there kissing Kelly.

I shake the thought and then my head away.

We walked to the cafeteria for lunch, and sat down at our usual table.

We walk up and immediately Troye yells, "Hi Phil!" While Jackson, a not gay man said, "Hey Talia!" In a seductive voice.

"Really Jackson? Again? Back off!", I shouldn't be this annoyed I mean I don't really even like her, but still! She isn't his cover-up-girlfriend!

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