Toxic Hope
Toxic Hope freedom stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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sometimes i do whats bad for me because it sets me free

Toxic Hope

by kerryjohnstone

The toxic vapour swirls down my throat filling my lungs with gasps of carbon…

And It just feels right.

It soothes the issues, irons out the creases in the battle ground that is my heart and soul.

A breath in is destructive.

it is dissolving the sides of my lungs but it just feels like being wrapped in a blanket and told everything’s ok… It just feels right.

Darkness turns from a dark blank abyss into a foggy mist of unknowing,

Villains turn into misunderstood heroes.

Arguments turn into make ups.

Life goes from bad to good in the perspective of that brief moment.

The warm smoke hugs me inside and out, I feel a shift in my mind the light is beginning to come through even if there are clouds it’s still sneaks through.

And even though my lungs are shrivelling with each deep breath...

My mind is soaring seeing good seeing light turning me into mad man with dreams.

So even though its killing me…

At the same time i feel as if i have been set free.

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