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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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crushing on the straight best friend x


by kerryjohnstone


Stop thinking about her

Stop thinking about… about:

the way she moves with confidence at her core.

The way she laughs like it the meaning of life itself

Or the way her eyes glisten in any light.

Fuck! Just Stop!

She is the definition of unobtainable She is the ABC’s and 123’s of who not to fall for. This Crush on her has now has you caught up on her.

And now you have to find a way to get over her. But doing so is like trying to hop, skip and jump Your way over the great wall of china.

It ain’t gonna happen any time soon

But this all your own fault you know!

Yes it is…. You know it is!

Your superficial brain leaves you so hung up on those so far out of reach

As if you are Pluto and they are the sun.

No not they, just she. She is the sun, un like anyone else.

And how could this small ball of madness wrapped in an atmosphere of anxiety, With a gravity of self-destruction, ever live up to the light of the sun...

How could I ever live up to her Because you see that’s the thing,

I could NEVER live up to the sun. In the grand scheme of it all I will always be insignificant to her, Always just a small existential mess,

A tree passing by in the window of her road trip through life So just stop thinking about her okay… Just...


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