She stole my soul
She stole my soul  sad stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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she fucked me up and stole my soul,

She stole my soul

by kerryjohnstone

can i move on yet?

have you moved on now?

it would have been nice to know that you had so i knew that if i wanted to... i could.

im clambering up wall and smashing windows in this prison in my head

because a fucking straight girl made me feel this shit!

A straight girl lured me in and fucked around inside

made me lose myself, by releasing feelings i had, for so long, supressed

A straight girl came to me whispering love poems and sonnets of the heart

then she stole mine away to replace her own in her empty chest.

in a daze of october you flushed your madness into me unlocking parts of my soul i had shown to no one.

i was addicted to the feeling of you and the thrill of being with only you.

and in one swift motion you cut me off...

withdrawal ensued

symptoms included:

excessive drinking,

destructive relations,


a numb heart...

the feeling you'll never trust or love again...

And okay. i assume your straight.

the last time i did that you almost kicked my ass.

but you came to me as a straight girl

and you left me a straight girl

and looking back you loved me like all you saw was a straight girls experiment.

but i loved you like a beautiful human. a labelless intelligent human. Now... The labels come from spite.

so forgive me.

but i'm letting you know now... i've never moved on... partly because of the hate i harbour for the way you destroyed me but also...

because when you left

you took my heart with you.

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