So you want to get to know me?
So you want to get to know me? get to know me stories
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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A get to know me because thats what they wanted. it took a while to post cause i wasnt 100 on it but but yeah... here it is :)

So you want to get to know me?

You want to get to know me? god only knows why cause me ain't that great- But ask and you shall receive!

Shall we start with what we already know?

My favourite colour is orange. But not orange like in your face orange or a dirty orange but the orange of the sunset.

Its warm peach tones calls something from with in me, its tint sets the skyline ablaze - Its beauty close to unmatchable.

Chinese water deer are my favourite animal and they are ridiculous like if a deer where carnivorous they'd be a Chinese water deer.

They are the saber tooth tiger of the deer community and its bloody mental.

As much as i say i despise romance movies and rom-coms there's a place deep inside of me that loves them.

The idea of ideal love with in a comical setting is bloody brilliant BUT they are still cheesey and gross...

Though Dirty Dancing is the shit!

I'm into sitcoms... Every Sitcom... Mostly.

I'm always happy to sit and watch a sitcom.

Big bang theory

How I Met Your Mother

One day at a time


One box set and you have my attention for hours.

I'm scared of a lot of things - Heights, planes, the dark, gender constructs and horror movie to name a few...

But they all seem silly things to be scared of when im with you.

The dark is bright and warm, heights dissipate, Gender doesn't matter... but horror movies?

Nah man still feared of that shit but at least i'd have you to hold my shaking bones.

My music taste is shite. But YOU are all to aware of this.

I am a mix of Cheesy pop and anything i can sing along to to Oh and Bluegrass Metal is the shit! For real though.

To be honest i secretly love Gambino, I aspire to know the words like you do...

I keep it a secret that i don't think Beyonce is as perfect as she seems and I liked Sia BEFORE she was cool.

I hate my body sometimes... we have a conflict... it wants to be femme, i want it to be neutral... I dislike a lot of it... But... I appreciate how much you like it ...if you do? It makes me feel a little better.

I created Mike so i didn't have to me Kerry for a while, I write poetry so i can be Kerry and so i can function.

When i dye my hair its usually to wash something out of it- a feeling A person A moment. It helps me move on, move forward. It gets rid of something that was once a part of my pain.

I like cheese- all cheese except blue cheese, and that includes your cheesy jokes and your cheesy grin to match when you're oh so proud of your patter.

I love your patter.

I love you.

I hope you got to know me a little better... now?

Its your turn. x

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