Six Stages of falling in love

kerryjohnstoneQueer poet with a lot on their mind
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The gradual breakdown of falling in love

Six Stages of falling in love

by kerryjohnstone


from across the room she looks at you and you fall apart,

crumbling into a thousand pieces

her eyes drowning you in a sea of longing and you know that this is it,

you’ve started falling and you cant seem to stop, all you can do is hope she’ll be there to catch you.


The sound of her voice feels like home you notice it everywhere,

Amongst a million voices all screaming your name you would hear hers above all the rest

Because your ears are tuned to her voice. It makes even the sweetest of melodies obsolete.

Nothing can compare to the symphony that is her voice.


she smiles at you and your heart ignites setting fire to your soul,

and you know inside that smiles for you the subtle curving of her lips drives you crazy,

you crave her kiss and Only her kiss.

and then...


She touches your skin, the hair on your arms stand on end.

Her finger print burns into your skin and the warmth heals you inside,

her gentle embrace melts away all your pain and worries you never want to let go,

and you know that...


She’s the one and no one else can compare,

Your falling fast just hoping she might catch you You would travel to the end of space and time just to be with her,

you would rearrange the stars in the sky to spell out the poems your heart creates every time you hear her name because…

You love her.

and luckily...


she says “I Love You Too”.

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izal5416save me
5 months agoReply
This is so beautiful! I don't think I could've expressed it in a better way, something I've not experienced yet.

ReasonsofbeingTo know me, read me (;
5 months agoReply
this was stunning <3 the one thing i recommend is that you fix your usage of "to/too" on the final screen, in a piece this good you don't want something silly like that taking away from your work <3

5 months agoReply
Wow ❤️

tdog1614 and excited!
5 months agoReply
You described the feeling so powerfully!!! VERY beautiful work! ❤️

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
5 months agoReply
Nothing beats this feeling ❤️ great writing!

shanaCommunity member
5 months agoReply
this is so great <3 loveee

FrostnLilithWattpad & WordKrowd - @FrostnLilith
5 months agoReply

5 months agoReply
I kept expecting this to get sad and it didn't Thank you It was great

5 months agoReply