Six Stages of Falling Apart
Six Stages of Falling Apart
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Hi, it’s been a while and it turns out losing the one you love encourages you to write again... so I guess this is it, here’s my sequel to six stages of falling in love

Six Stages of Falling Apart

By Kay


She need only but look at you and you can see, in that second, You can see your world fall apart

You can see it coming in her eyes

A sole filled with sorrow, Unready to tell you her pain, Unwilling to bring hurt in you because she knows you’ll both fall apart

She carry’s a heavy burden in her gaze looking into you, And you know well before...


You hear her voice, A voice you could pick out amongst the millions, Devoid of the cheer and joy you are oh so familiar with

She speaks with the weight of the world on her tongue, She has primed her voice ready to break, Prepared to fall apart

Her lips move in patterns you hoped never to see as she strings the words together telling you...


You realise you may never see her smile again, And the fire with in you is smothered to smoking embers

She may smile, but not by Your words Your jokes Your goofy demeanour

She may smile again but not by your words, Nor your embrace, Never by your heart.

Her lips tilt towards sadness, As you crave a healing kiss your lips may never feel again


She touches your skin As your arms Wrap around her broken heart, Her tears fall upon your shoulder as yours do hers,

This may be the last time You touch in an Embrace so meaningful, The last time your love is felt in this wrap of warmth, She touches you and you want to grab tight, Never letting go

But you chose a different path, The right path, You know you cannot lose her altogether,


You may have thought she was “The one” That forever had found a home But life had other plans

Where you saw future and forever She saw a life with a need to get better

Now You know that she is right and you are wrong, And wish her nothing but happiness and joy,


You’ll always love her, You love her, You tell her, You love her and


She says “I Love you too, but...”

And that’s all your heart needed to hear.

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