Run from me.
Run from me. i miss her stories
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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i'm trying to escape the gaze of an ex... whom i may or may not still miss.

Run from me.

by kerryjohnstone

Stay the fuck away from me mate.

Don’t come one step closer, in fact take another ten steps back.

Please, step the fuck off honey because if you were to speak one more word i think i would melt at your feet...

Please run a mile and a half from here because one more look at your eyes and i'd be drowning all over again

And this time i don’t intend to come up for air when it all goes wrong.

I’m gonna bolt. Start running and never stop...

Not until i hit the edge of the earth and then I’m going to jump from it praying that theres something that i can fall to, because...

Falling into the abyss is better than having to face the idea of never holding you again...

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