Revised Confessions Of A Non- Binary Adult Queer.
Revised Confessions Of A Non- Binary Adult Queer. root stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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so a while back i wrote a piece called confession of a teenage queer this is my revisit to it after hitting 21 enjoy x (I'll like the prequel in the comments)

Revised Confessions Of A Non- Binary Adult Queer.

I have come to find that I am very much a boob person but damn i do still love a fine ass - Nowadays I am your not so stereotypical, Stereotypical Adult Queer.

I use the word Queer now!

After a long time of fucking with my gender binary's anything more female:

Lesbian Butch Dyke etc...

Just doesn't feel right anymore.

I am your not so binary babe sporting before you my Agender Androgyny realness - Corsets and a glitter beard? Bitch you better believe i'm gonna rock it,

And honey yes I still wear combat boots and flannel shirts and shop in the comfort of top man, Babe I can bring ...

Lumberjack Legacy Fife Fuckboy Fantasy and Dapper Dan realness, You can't flaw my looks when your boi got looks like this and has a presence to match.

All of my OTP's are still gay, Only now I see all of the queer troupes on t.v screens; The blond and the brunette, The straight girl changed by the lesbian, The teacher/student complex, And The Age gap paradox.

I see it... but honey I ain't mad at it, I mean come on... Carol - have you seen Cate Blanchett Gypsy- Those girls fit into half of the tropes but damn what a story line.

At least the "Kill your lesbians" thing is over... That was a dark period of time. Though a moment of silence for the fallen...

Oh I am not affraid of sex anymore! Sex is awkward and funny and its fucking hot and damn the high comes after -

you see baby gay K was afraid of sex but that partly comes from the first girl they fucked being a pillow princess... I ain't got time for that...

Now Big Queer K knows sex is a two way street and damn it feels good to watch their eyes roll back and their back arch up to the heavens and hear them scream your name...

Woah, did it just get hot in here?

Most importantly i am no longer afraid of religion. In fact i have embraced it!

In fact i have embraced it.

Welcomed it with open arms

It was once part of my up bringing it is a part of me and I nedd something more than my existance to hold on to.

So in hopes of an afterlife or a rebirth or reincarnation, I hold on to a form of religion that I have twisted and shaped to my own needs and realised its not religion I was ever scared of it, it was the people who used it for bad…

I am scared of my family.

Their opinions and ideas morphed by a lower/ working class way of life the old way heavily installed with in them, sexual, social and gender norms woven into the fabric of there skin

I fit into non of those norms and so I am scared their opinions- they are scared of the differences that make me.

So this is my confession as a non binary adult queer…

or rather my observation…

I am scared of my family, but only because...

They are scared of me.

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