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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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I was told i have no respect for my self because i am a drag king... and im calling bullshit.


The saying goes, "Respect is earned, not given."

And I have earned the right, in my art to be respected. My tired weary eyes trudging home from a show still harbour a glint of joy from the respect I have earned from my community.

My skin is tainted in pinks, yellows, reds and blues from character creations, only worsen the dry cracked skin still raw from the last painting of contour.

My body gives praise to the voices projecting back at me, i give praise to the applause of my binary destroying, gender fuck ways.

But you must know... My art is not your property.

you will not lose respect, where i have earned it, Just because you cant stomach my tits taped to my armpits encased in leather straps as I strip to Neil Patrick Harris' rendition of "Sugar Daddy"

Where my heart lives that expression lets me thrive. This expression has made me, has destroyed my definition of gender This expression has built me a family.

I have always respected you, single mother of two living on the poverty line, watched you fight, and raise a fighter.

So now I will fight but not for your approval, but rather your understanding, I will not fight for your respect, but home in time you grow to respect me because i have no doubt earned it.

If anything Drag... it is my nod to you, my nod to how well you raised your children, two strong and capable individuals

I do this by preforming the music i was raised on because thats what made me who i am, and i hope you can see on day... I Deserve your respect, just as you do mine.

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