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Pros and cons spurred on recklessly by an episode of friends... this is for you, love you x

Your list.

In an discussion soaked in midnight delirium we made an agreement to make a list, I for you and you for me, based on Ross and Rachel, i thought it would be cute....

in a dorky, fun relationship threatening kind of way so...

Pro Your eyes tell a thousand stories. When hesitant to talk about how you really feel your eyes tell me. You have soulful eyes that cannot help but express your inner most thoughts...

And Jesus, the way they light up when you smiled paired with those dimples... Lord help my swooning heart!

Pro, When you hold me, you hold me like you never want to let go, Like you could possibly melt away any ice left aound my my heart, any bad feelings, any wrong done.

You hold me as if, if you were to let go we would aimlessly drift apart. You hold me with meaning.

Pro, you dance like no ones watching, encouraging me to do the same. The floor is empty when we take to the stage or it might as well be because as we let go of our inhibitions ya'll gotta move out the way cause we are coming the fuck through.

Pro You don't really know how to flirt... But neither do I Getting us to this point took a lot of tripping over words and stumbling into lips.

You leaned against me when you could, laughed at dorky jokes and when all else fails go big or go home right? You swiftly found me through jaw drops ad gasps as our lips met in dim pub lighting.

You quickly realised that being obvious is really the only way to get though to me. And thank god for that.

Pro. You leave my body shaking, make it move and bend to your will in ways I never thought it could. You leave me twisting and reeling, growing hungry. You take joy from my face as you leave me wanting, craving, making me beg.

Vice versa I watch you eyes roll into your head, feel what little nail you have left tare across my back and I give in to your bite on my neck. If sex was an Olympic sport Honey Bee, you'd have won yourself a gold medal.

Pro You are ridiculous. You correct my pronunciation, giggle at my fife slang, mock my insane sweet/savoury food combos, You give into heavy eyed 1 am delerium with me, laughing uncontrolably with me,

You even fell in love with my body and me. You're ridiculous and i love it.

Pro You are beautiful, like double take in the streets kind of beautiful, Like a kind of beautiful that reaches all the way to your heart.

It's the kind of beautiful that matches your passion, your soul and the way you love. You Are Beautiful.


And this is a big one, the kind i found hard to forgive as it emanates from within my soul and i'm trying really hard now to contain it...

The Con? You won't let me dab!! You deduct a point for every Dab i partake in but its fine, i can contain it... though im sure i can risk one more point off...

For One Last Dab!

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