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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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I've been real sad recently so... just keep that in mind when reading this, ive very much missed this platform so heres something a little dark and sad... enjoy?


I am poison... I am your Poison...

I am your irrationality I am the flight in fight or flight I am the clenched fist at the beginning of every argument I am that bitterness in your voice that follows suit

I am the pillow screams of a broken heart

I am Destruction and sadness anger and pain packaged tightly together at the back of your brain waiting to explode outwards

I am in your nightmares, in your sweet daydreams turned sour

I am the rift between friends and The loneliness you feel every minute of everyday in the pit of your stomach.

I am in your pain. Every single inch of your body pain. knuckles to knees, Head to hips.

I am the dark viscous tar taking over your blood stream cell by cell, second by second.

I am your heart turning black millimetres at a time with every sad moment of life

I am in your lungs - In the 40 a day you swear is your therapy, That you promise you can give up any second

I am the smoke; Swirling Dancing Destroying Dissolving

I am your poison

I am poisoned

I am poison

and you'll do well to keep your distance.

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