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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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I tried to be cheese and make a poem based on the playlist my girlfriend and I have at the time it consisted of 14 songs that ive so lovingly put throughout the piece xx


Baby, "you really got me" I don't know how you've managed it but you have me writing poems of love and grinning helplessly when I think of you.

And I know this makes me sound "Naïve" but currently my heart can't see myself with "Anyone else but you."

And baby if your eyes are the blues then my heart is the passionate blurred lines of rock 'n' roll, just know that 'rock 'n' roll won't break your heart'

So honey "catch me" cause I'm falling hard and fast for you. I "believe" that "you've got the love" I need to see me through.

And yes I am an idiot, this poem proves it, I have a brain the size of "2 atoms and a molecule" But I hope you'll let me "still take you home"

Because your love is a bright and vibrant "yellow" burning with the passion of a thousand suns guiding me home.

Sweetheart I'm "Crazy lucky" because with out you I'd be a "medusa in chains", I'd be lost.

So baby will you come "round to mine" and let me "tear you apart."! ...(I love you)

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