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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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I understand they care but for my friends... babe its not you life not your choices to make!


Why am I giving you the courtesy of: "Just letting you know"? Of wanting to talk to you about whats going on.

Why do I need to keep you up to date? Knowing you are judging loudly from the side line, Knowing you are harbouring some form of resentment.

The fear I have of all of you now has me in a mess and my stomach slips into this feeling- Like I'm going to throw up everything I have inside me stomach, heart and soul.

Vomiting words out violently into the world in attempts to convince you to come around.

I some how have failed to remember you have no say in my choices.

You just want to protect me? Honey I don't need protecting I am a warrior...

A Willow

A wonder woman

A Xena...

Perfectly capable of protecting myself.

But right now? With her,

The last thing I need is protecting.

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