Now Here We Are
Now Here We Are thinking-of-her stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Thinking about her again only gets me sad and lonely poems im sorry for the down beat poetry but i think its become my style.

Now Here We Are

by kerryjohnstone

i check your tumblr once in a while...

i just need to ensure my self that you are okay.

Because i care. I did care. I have cared. I will always care

you gripped on to this idea that suddenly i felt nothing, that i had always felt nothing

but you were wrong.

You where my world but i knew you hurt. i knew that i had hurt you.

Knowing that, being told that... it hurt me. but thats insignificant to the burning i made you feel

I'm not heartless. you seemed to think my heart is gone, that it was just a figment our imagination.

The truth is you held it the whole time. You took it with you when i told you to leave.

So please, Keep it, as a reminder... A reminder to never take some one with the emotional maturity of a broken down teen

As a reminder to never love some one who cannot express how they feel.

Someone who can only show emotion through melancholy words and lonely rhymes .

As a reminder to never date an artist who's heart broke under the trampling feet of past lovers harsh farewells

As a reminder that you cannot fix someone that never asked to be fix. Love someone who did not ask to be loved. Save someone that never asked to be saved.

No matter how much they love and are loved in return

Your only going to end up hurt and alone in the end.

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