My Whisper to her in the night time
My Whisper to her in the night time dark stories
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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my apology to the thought of her in the night time.

My Whisper to her in the night time

by kerryjohnstone

i'm sorry that you still linger in my poetry, but your undying presence is ingrained into me.

I'm sorry my thoughts are still with you, but my heart still yearns for your smile.

I'm sorry i tried to let go, I had to attempt to let you go and i did...

but your touch is still burned into my waist and the bottom of my neck.

I'm sorry you've not been seeing the brightest of days.

I only wish i could have helped you through it all, been unmoving by your side.

I'm sorry i cant look at you anymore.

but every time i do the pit of my stomach is overcome with an unifiable longing it cant shake.

My heart tries to run to your soul and my mind just craves to look deep into your eyes for one last second, so i could feel all that i felt in the moments we were entwined in the night time

But if i were to give my self that...

I would crumble into small incapacitated pile of pain and heartache. And i don't think i could survive that again.

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