Mind like the sea.
Mind like the sea. sad stories
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Its not the most cheerful, its just me getting a little bit of dark out of my head :)

Mind like the sea.

by kerryjohnstone

Like waves crashing against the cliffs in a storm, my darkened thoughts thrash around inside of my head.

Unforgiving they corrode away the edges of joy, destroying what little good once held them back.

My mind is unforgiving like the sea.

Underestimate it and I'm caught drowning in it's darkness

Grasping and clawing at the sky, reaching for the moon, hoping it'll drag me up into the open air... With little success.

Instead my fears grab hold of my leg and drags me further...




Holding my breath this is my last resort at holding on to sanity,

to Happiness

but weak from fighting I gasp.

It floods my lungs

my body

my heart.

Me. Swirling around inside destroying everything in its path.

What little light I held so dear I have lost...

Until I finally resurface, once more I gain a little joy...

Before it starts all over again.

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