Isn't It Funny.
Isn't It Funny. writing stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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We both write poetry and let each other read. They mean a lot to me and soooo... i wrote them this.

Isn't It Funny.

Its funny isnt it- How we have all of these feelings and cannot express them through minimal words

So we go away and think and process and in our own style we pick up up a pen and scratch ink into beige pages.

We express and describe and throw our image of the world out into the open air.

It's amazing how different we see these moments, the special ones like when we first met i admired you from afar...

You saw me studying you and sussing you out.

Our own little world i see as safety and protection - you find it a place of care, the place you find acceptance where you first said "I love you."

You found fear in the brief lull of silence following... i smiled like a mad man and found happiness with you.

But i hope you know not to fear as every peom i write for you seems to end in...

"I love you too"

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