I'm Just Tired.
I'm Just Tired. done stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Tired. Just tired.

I'm Just Tired.

I'm not upset I’m just tired.

I'm, tired. all the time, exhausted mentally, physically,emotionally. It's not the kind of tired that makes you sleep...

This is the kind of tired that keeps you up till five in the morning, drains you of the life force you once had, keeps you laying staring at the roof until to in the afternoon because your tired of fighting just to survive in the world.

I’m not angry. Im fed up of peoples questions, my quiet demeanour is none of your concern, so if i snap at your idiocy its because i’ve spent weeks memorising the stars, tracked to moon and its movement and written every way to describe it’s ironic beauty a million times over

Because life has me tossing and turning in the dark lingering abyss and he thinks that living isn’t something worth fighting for.

I’ve spoken to the darkness, her soul is nothing like she presents herself. Her soul is beautiful she has seen so much pain and sadness yet her soul gave me comfort where i least expected it. she asked me to become like her, Tempted me to her side with feelings and peace.

"Your tired” speaking softly she promised a non existence that sounded beautiful, i almost crossed into her, left the light behind as i was so done with fighting my existence…

But light place his hand on my shoulder and spoke to my heart. “this feeling is only temporary, please don’t make it permanent as one day you’ll ono longer be tired.” I teetered on the edge and stopped, maybe… she was right.

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