If this is our last goodbye
If this is our last goodbye
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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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This is a small piece written from the night before a breakup I was hesitant to post it but here we are...

If this is our last goodbye

By Kay

Is this my last goodbye? I am stood on the edge of unknowing, Thinking only of you

I don’t know if my heart will take the fall, If that is what you choose.

My eyes are heavy with hope wondering if it has been misplaced

Are you missing me, Like I miss you? Longing to touch, To talk, To see you smile one last time?

I see two roads ahead and I know which I’d rather take The road untraveled, The road I travel by your side....

I once thought I belonged by your side, But I realise now that this might be...

Our Last Goodbye.

I’m trying to prepare, Whatever the outcome might be, Ready when you are I am primed to cry, Ready to fall, But hoping...

Always hoping.

But if this is our last Goodbye, I need you to know...

In my time with you, The rollercoaster it may have been, My heart never wavered.

I’ve loved, Been loved, Felt loved, I love you.

My rock, steady as the ground My connection to the earth My guide when thought grow dark Your hand has lead me to light, to happiness, to home.

And now baby, my sweet tato My little bean And my small Jalapeño, I say only one last thing

I love you, And I always will.

Baby if this is our last goodbye Please know, My heart was always your

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