I want to write love stories.
I want to write love stories. page stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Struggling to finish a story i'm working on and this is what came of it.

I want to write love stories.

by kerryjohnstone

I just want to write a happy love story full to the brim with queer love, With castles and battles where girls fight for girls and fall in love

Stories where they meet at a bus stop reading the same book and start off A friendship that’ll lead to reading to each other in bed, Being entwined in each other in the rosy dreams of the future

Stories where no queer characters die. where they find happiness and don’t have to over come a man who gets in the way…

But my love stores are hindered… By the poetry in my head thats screaming to be heard.

The darkest parts of me that are struggling to heal, that never healed from when she left, and the wounds from the backfire of your first I love you.

My stories are hindered by a past that is dying to be told and a present which cuts deep into the paper.

And i must honour my past and respect my present.

So i write and i write and i write. but what happiness can be found in pages of darkness, And of loss of love, loss of hope, loss of self…

I just want to write a Love story… but to write a love story… don't you have to feel love?

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