Gender Fuck.
Gender Fuck. non binary stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Im using this piece to help work through my dysphoria and i'm getting there.

Gender Fuck.

I wish i was a power ranger! That way i could morph from this bag of skin and dysphoria into a badass Green Lion or a purple dragon or even better...

A Flame Coloured Phoenix In Flight!

I wish i was a Pokemon that way i would have the ability to evolve my body to match my mind- Transform - transfigure - evolve into something much bigger and better and less...


I wish i was a chameleon - and not because everyone says i look like Boy George - Instead...

So i can blend in. If i can't change my body then let me change my skin to the pretty colours of the sunrise or the moon light,

Let me turn the pale beige of my walls and disappear.

I wish i was... I wish i... I wish i was anyone else but me because me sucks.

Me has tit's and a pussy and fuck it i don't want a dick but my non-binary self can't help but hate what makes me femme.

I can bind and drag and wear clothes that hide but they're not going anywhere...

I am not male, i am not female...

I hate all about me that encorages the lady over the counter to call me madam or doll or honey or sweetie-

I wish i was a power ranger - a Pokemon - a chameleon I wish i had any Body but my own.

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