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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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dark thoughts are common in my head...


by kerryjohnstone

Its swallowing me whole this feeling of darkness. feeling cracked, broken, torn, bruised.

The feeling not just coming from the erosion with in, but also from the pretty colours dressing my skin of my self destruction.

My self destruct does as much as damage as the pain in an attempt to claw healing from with in

Hoping the black ooze of hatred will seep out through my veins through the slits in my skin out into the world and far, far away from me.

I just want it all away from me. give me light and contempt over this misery i call life any day.

Kill me softly in an attempt to end the misery, take my cries of pain as my sweet surrender to the hurt.

I give in

I give up.

Turn the clock of time off on my life and let me drift off into infinity. Let the universe carry me gently into the abyss.

The black twilight would hug me in a warm embrace much sweeter than the life i lead.

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