Crossroads. sad stories

kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Saw an ex at a crossroads and began to remember everything there was.


You are standing at a crossroad and i know you. I can see you in a blaze of light against the dark clouded sky but you can't see me.

Clouded in a shroud of people my bus hovers at the red light igniting your eyes in a blaze.

But who was I to look, who was I to see, to notice, to take in your presence.

I knew you from the rest through the power you emanate through the stance you hold proud.

In that moment i had forgotten the pain we caused in hurtful conflicts lasting brief moments, I forgot the leading on, the destructive flirtation, the heart wrenching broken promises.

Because in these brief passing moments our hunger, our desire takes over our heads makes a poisonous concoction of twisted, harm filled bliss.

Now instead I am remembering the way your lips curved when you smile,

Remembering hours of conversation unlocking our souls.

Remembering the way your hair falls and how your laugh echoes and how drinks flowed with ease as we let go of who we were allowing our selves to just be.

In those moments of bliss I remember... Inhibitions driving my body as I remember the good we found in our times together.

In those moments I forgot the reality of it all, I quickly forgot how much pain was exchanged between us.

You're standing at a crossroads and the bus has stopped at red only long enough to catch sight of you for a second, But in those seconds...

I saw what could have been a life time.

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