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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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College slam poetry performance piece about the government control and cover up

conspiracy theory

I am NOT broken this is NOT me as I look out into the world, looking out at the hurt and devastation…

Oh that’s right, I can see it these a lack of cover up over MY eyes the media has not taken hold of me I can see the truth

Its always: Money over people Power over people Profit over people.

I see it. I am far from blind I see destruction the dying of our world the hypocrisy of our government.

No. No, NO! don’t please don’t leave me alone leave me…

they will not science me. They Will Not Silence Me! THEY WILL NOT SILENCE ME! Shhh… Not to loud they might hear.

Through my own pain I swore to protect through my own trials I swore to the truth

And now? My poetry will stand long after me, my words will live on and stand ever lasting in the shroud of a tumblr blog.


That’s how they get you. but bush did it, Blair went to war for profit it was all a cover up,

silence us by blaming minorities make us turn… But, it Was THEM. John.F.Kennedy - An Inside Job Global Warming - far from a myth Mass Extinction - on the edge of our generation and aliens- ARE REAL!

Behind me are a generation that just don’t care. A generation I’ve lost all hope for. There all abut Kimya and raves Queen B and fancy coffees 'n' teas but there not like us. see us... we care.

They just don’t want Resistance. They don’t want to deal with an uprising. By their hand we have become sheep and are currently one by one being lead to the slaughter!

NO Go AWAY!, GO AWAY! you can’t take me, you won’t TAKE Me!! No, NO NO!!

I Cant breath I can’t, think. Been pulled apart, torn apart ripped reformed reshaped, Re…

Repeat, Repeat after, repeat after me

The government is our friend aliens do not exist tragedies happen they are not planned

The government is our friend aliens do not exist tragedies happen they are not planned. No, NO!


I am not the problem they are I am not the… not.. they… I they are not the problem they are not the problem. I am.

Twisted, sick, broken.

No I’m not crazy… am I? “Smile for the camera sweetie, smile and wave"

am forced to look back if I AM wrong then where am I wrong? about every moment of my life?

Over thinking Over drinking Over Thinking Every Moment.

What else did I do wrong? Heartbreaks, Arguments, Lost friends, Sexuality, Gender, Career.

I am wrong, twisted. twisted.

Let them know. Let them know that though they have torn me to shreds will keep fighting.

let them know that YOU will keep fighting. Keep fighting for truth Keep fighting for justice keep fighting for you

Fight the system.

shh…. I’m crazy made me crazy they did. broken fucked up no leave me alone! Pleases no More! No More I can’t take… nothing. I can’t take it! No!!

The government is our friend. Smile for the camera.

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