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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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Uni piece written about the small mining town the uni is situated in and based on one of the mine collapses .


In sunny days women sip cups of tea that for a brief second breed tidal waves. Unbeknown to them in there mid-afternoon chatter and gossip...

Someones husband wont come home until a few days later carried in a box of oak and silk.

In the play parks the ground shudders in fear as their children's feet dance merrily above them in whimsical time

But tonight one child's song will stop and burst into heartache when their father never again walks through the front door.

The walls cave, delve, and dive as do the men rushing and clambering into the nearest port of natural light,

Men carrying men in blood sweat and fear- They say fear can make or break a man- Down here it only breaks him.

candel light is shattered by the crumbling rocks coming down on the backs of men as they are plunged into an unwanted afternoon twilight.

Panting in exhaustion soot and dust fills the lungs of heroes carrying the weight of their brothers to safety.

Brothers, fathers, friends and more, Their spirits ruptured and cracked yet they'll always come back because this is their life- This is how they make their living.

But In the end how will the boss tell a child their dad's never coming home.

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