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kerryjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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It happened and it was cute and i couldn't not write about it because i'm finally writing happy stuffs!

3 words

"I love you."

In the whisper of early mornings,

In a post sex ecstasy high,

In a moon drenched room that now smells only of you,

In an irish knot of limbs, each one craving the others skin,

In a frozen picture...

In a time stood still,

In my smile - in yours,

In those emerald eyes,

In the word "Beautiful",

In memes, puns and patter,

In Your Voice.

I heard you sigh, saw you sink deep into thought. I questioned performance and stamina, I questioned myself.

You sighed.

What was it? Was it this moment... or the moments before? -

Was something playing in your mind that caught you in upset?

What was it? I'll draw it from your lips, or tease it from your heart.

You sigh- I don't want to know? I do, I want to know.

You sigh, Millenia seems to passs and as i drift off, Reality bites back as you call out...

"I love you."

A silent pause drifts as i'm not speaking from smiling, Cheeks hurting from grinning.

Now my part. I finally tell you my truth...

"I Love You Too."

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