Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster hope stories
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kereengetten Eat. Sleep.Write.Repeat.
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Remember when we stole a moment in time? our final moment.

Beautiful Disaster

by kereengetten

Remember when we stole a moment out of time? our final moment.

Remember the room with it's chipped walls and creaking floorboards?

Remember the rhythmic thud of the couple next door, the broken lamp, the wilting flowers, the clock stuck in time?

Remember the rain shooting pellets against the window? the grey cloud casting a dark shadow into the room.

We could have been anywhere, but we were here, in this moment. Lying in a bed of dreams, resting on a pillow of hope. Wrapped in the blanket of a beautiful disaster.

Your breath against my skin fast then slow, then slower, then calm. Our heartbeats in sync, our legs entwined.

I was in that moment with you, and you were in it with me, and we were one. You and me against the world. You and me against it all.

Locked away in a room with stories seeping from its walls.

We were filled with a wave of hope that somehow all our answers lay in this desolate room as long as we had each other.

The day slipped into night and we were comforted by the darkness outside.

You pulled me into you, wrapped yourself around me, engulfed me with your scent. As we hung on desperately to the edge of tomorrow, begging for a longer today.

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