Diary Of the Girls: Chapter 3
Diary Of the Girls: Chapter 3 growingup stories

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Come travel through Maria´s life. Chapter 4 coming soon

Diary Of the Girls: Chapter 3

1. 4. 1981

I'm 17 now. I'm pregnant with a baby girl. I finished high school I graduated early because my smartness I wanted to go to Law School, but I can't.

My Bio and my parents died from a plane crash when I was 15. I miss them all. My Bio Mom was really nice. She stayed at our house.

I even learned a little more Spanish like: Tu = you, Mi= me, Espanol = Spanish.

10. 17. 1981

I've had my beautiful baby girl a week ago on October 10th. Her name is Marie. I named her after my Bio Mom. For me, taking care of a baby is easy.

Wayne (my boyfriend) and Marie are chilling together.

2. 13. 1982

Marie said first word, "Momma." I was so happy.

11. 15. 1982

I caught Wayne cheating. Apparently, he had been cheating for months. I'm not sad or anything. I'm not the type to be hurt over any man.

The only thing that I am hurt at is Marie not having any father in her life. We will be good though. I know how to take care of her. I do a amazing job at that.

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