Struggling With Life Again (More So Women)
 Struggling With Life Again (More So Women) poetry stories

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Title says it best.. Struggling with life (more so women)

Struggling With Life Again (More So Women)

On this dating app, just trying to be my polite self and not wanting anyone to be forced to talk to me

So just giving likes on ones I like and passing on ones I dislike, should I be stepping it up to make myself stand out to she

As in hunting them down through the app to send actual messages to start a conversation

Not that I would be able to initiate any sort of fliration

My looks alone are no doubt enough to scare of what most

Yes I talk about that so much you would think that it's some sort of boast

But it's not, it's really true and most find me very unappealing

Similar to the troll who lives under the bridge who asks for a toll

When if you listen carefully you can hear me breathing heavy as I'm stroking my pole

Kidding of course, I wouldn't be that sort of troll, just the shy one sitting in the corner

That when most talk about to females they would try and warn her

Not that I've ever done anything bad they all just want to judge books by the covers

Or should I just get use to being the troll under the bridge

It's not even a nice one like a drawbridge either

It looks more delapidated like the one underneath

Yes I'm that same ugly guy whose missing teeth

Same one that nobody wants around

I don't think anyone would miss even if I was buried into the ground

Since I know I wouldn't come back as a rose

I would no doubt come back as a weed something for them to place salt on or pick so they can watch decompose

This is my reality, which no doubt explains why I walk with my head down

At times it's lower than low, perhaps being weighed down with my frown

Or it's being weighed down from all the negative things people say

Perhaps my death is just a delay

As I hear timing is a very important thing to make an impact

That would make people react

Then they would see my picture and all hope would be lost

Everything about me would either be crossed

Out or even tossed

Into the garbage cause nobody would find me a worthwhile cause


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