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kensquires A Poet, A Writer, A Creative Guy
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Q&A / AMA - Answers

What's your favourite band/singer ?

I honestly can't limit myself to just one but some of the most listened to that I have on constant rotation are: Hopsin, KJ52, Dax, Tom Macdonald, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaiko, From Ashes To New,

Hollywood Undead, Deuce. Mass Of Man

What's your favourite colour ?


What's your favourite animal ?


What three words describe you best ?

Shy, Geeky, Awkward / Quiet

What are your hobbies ?

I assume you mean besides writing... I create beats/instrumentals, I play video games (have PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC) I watch a lot of TV and movies as well....

Honestly I lead a very boring life.

Favourite Book Series ?

Honestly usually when I read I read autobiographies and that's generally most of what I read. However like I said "MOST"..

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy I haven't gotten through the first book though as it is known inspiration of my sci-fi series known as: Ken's Guide To The Galaxy

Any place you'd like to visit ?

I want to go back to Newfoundland, haven't been since I was little, also back to Florida...

I would really like to goto Germany, Romania, California, Baltimore & Las Vegas (bonus points to anyone who can tell me why those two)

What has been the greatest struggle throughout your life ?

I think the greatest struggle for me is being me if that makes sense.

Also tied for the spot of the greatest struggle is finding a female who understands and is willing to take the time to understand me.

What are some of your greatest goals ?

One huge goal of mine that I don't think I will ever achieve is to get rich off writing

Other goals of mine include:

- finding happiness

- finding acceptance in real life (finding acceptance online seems to be an easy thing)

- getting my own place

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