Age Doesn't Equal Maturity
Age Doesn't Equal Maturity poetry stories

kensquires A Poet, A Writer, A Creative Guy
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Sadly it's true

Age Doesn't Equal Maturity

Seems like once again it's another case of two face bitches who try to act different online

As they can fake the way they are in real life just so that they can just run back home and whine

Having this bad habit of treating everyone with love and respect but I see that's not the case with others

At times when people message me wanting to meet up to talk I don't see why I even bother

Almost like they just want to bitch and moan, to put me down

Guess they are thinking that they are going to coast through life by the way they look until they are put in the ground

Sadly looks tend to fade and when you treat people like garbage that tends to stand out

Guessing that's just something else for you to run home and cry about while you scream and shout

But whose fault is that anyway when someone tries to treat you with respect

You chose to run him down because you don't think he's worth your time since he's not perfect

It's a shame that's how people treat one another these days

Thinking your mind is in nothing but a cloudes haze

Perhaps you think weed is the answer, since without it your life isn't complete

Guessing all those things that keep those guy friends close to you haunt your mind, wonder if you can even delete

That just like you chose to delete just a nice guy you wanted to judge

Who will now be holding a grudge

Everytime he sees you that moment will flash through his brain like it's a television show

Without the fancy theme music or the voice saying previously on, wonder next time you run into me how low

Will you reach this time, no doubt you'll run your mouth to your friends and make up some lie

Just so that they will pick you up and lift you to the sky

At times I wonder why I even bother trying to get to know people, I know the end result

In order to find acceptance I have a better chance of joining a cult

I'm sure sooner than later my brain will really kick in with a bout of depression

Which will ultimately make me question

My entire life including the interactive session

That we had in order for you to treat me that way and shut itself off

Wanting nothing to do with the outside world, but perhaps thats your payoff


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