The Last Lion
The Last Lion game of thrones stories

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“My brother has left me” “My father is dead”

The Last Lion

“My brother has left me”

“My father is dead”

“That little stump killed my parents and my son”

“What is left for me?”

She sat there, staring out of the window of the red keep

As she had so many times before

All she could think about was that prophecy

All because of that damn woods witch, her last hope in this world is gone

All because of the dragon queen and the bastard of Winterfell

Now what reason do I have to be here?

House Lannister is dead

I should be dead as well

She took another sip of wine

Wine was the only reason for her to keep on

But all of the grapes in the arbor couldn’t bring back her beloved Jaime or Joffrey

With one foul swoop, the Lion Queen flung herself from the same window her son once had

As the once powerful, ambitious queen struck the blackwater, the Castle fell silent and without a Queen.

And now the rains weep o’er her halls, with not a soul to hear

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