The anchor of a ship
The anchor of a ship  itiswhatitis stories

kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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The anchor of a ship

"I do love him John.", she says her eyes brimming with adoration as she looks down

upon the parasite wrapped around her body.

"He gives me what I have always wanted, companionship.

He has made my life worth living."

"You sure are right Jane, she has made my life so much happier

the North pole to my South" he says

as the Amanita mushroom in his backpack starts releasing her innards, digesting his hair.

They both turn to look at me,

glazed eyes and jaundiced skins. Their faces anything but pleased.

"What about you darling, when are you going to find the one that completes you?"

"You know the sugar to your bitter cocoa?"

I sighed in mock wistfulness, received a sympathetic pat and was deemed too boring for further conversation.

After all how was I going to tell them? I was not waiting for someone to complete me but

Be the ice-cream to my brownie?

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